Sports - Delight Public Schools

The Delight Bulldog Sports program has a very long tradition of Bulldog Pride, and is looking forward to continuing that tradition as it kicks off a new season of basketball in the next few weeks. The teams are all practicing hard and preparing for a winning year.

Delight Bulldogs are happy to welcome the new Lady Bulldogs coach, Coach Casey Morris. Mrs. Morris is from Nashville, AR, and has two children, ages six and one. Mrs. Morris said that practice is going well and she’s looking forward to a great season.

Coach Kelton says his teams are looking good and practicing hard. Everyone is anxious to get to the first game. Coach Kelton said schedules would be out soon.

Basketball pass prices, students $20 for all home games, senior citizens $20, and standard pass $35.
Delight High School Alma Mater:

O, forever we’ll be true to mighty Delight High
And may your colors Blue and Gold always fly.
May you stand throughout the years to guide young hearts and minds.
In each moment we will fight for mighty Delight High.
There’s no battle we won’t fight
For mighty Delight High!