Delight High School

Welcome back to school!

Delight High School is proud to welcome all of the new students and teachers, and we encourage everyone in the school and the community to make them feel welcome to the “Home of the Bulldogs”!

The high school environment is dynamic already. Lots of great projects are in the works, including the return of the high school play! The junior class will be performing a play this year and details will be posted as soon as they are available.

The Art Department and the PTO will conduct a silent auction and chili supper this fall, and the community is encouraged to come by and bid on student art! Check here soon for details on where and when.

Delight is very excited about the new academic programs we are implementing in the elementary and high school in order to maintain their impressive test scores on the benchmark and end of course tests. Using guidelines of the program High Schools that Work, Delight High School is implementing a literacy plan which encourages reading for pleasure. Students need to remember that we not only have great books in our school library, but we now have an excellent local library. In addition, teachers are ordering a variety of books so that students will have a lot of choices for reading. The specific literacy plan will be linked here soon.

Senior Who's Who

  • BEST PERSONALITY — Johnny Rowton, Regina Horton
  • MOST HANDSOME OR BEAUTIFUL — Darrian Dixon, Eden Roberts
  • MOST ATHLETIC — Jimmy Cox, Regina Horton
  • FRIENDLIEST — Traveon Hale, Eden Roberts
  • CLASS CLOWNS — Colby Lamb, Necey Turner
  • MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED — John Wofford, Spencer Kizer, Eden Roberts
  • BIGGEST FLIRTS — Montreal Tolliber, John Wofford, Regina Horton
  • TEACHERS' PET — Spencer Kizer, Eden Roberts
  • MR and MRS DHS — Darrian Dixon, Eden Roberts

Class Favorites

  • SEVENTH GRADE — River Kirkham, Annah Dixon, Brittany Sullivan
  • EIGHTH GRADE — Brady Kelton, Asia McDaniel
  • NINTH GRADE — Caden Couch, Nicole Rowton
  • TENTH GRADE — Noah Myers, Jamie Fowler
  • ELEVENTH GRADE — Dre Northcross, Sera Snow
  • TWELFTH GRADE — Marquis Gentry, Christian Long, Eden Roberts